Hot Video: Shugatiti Forced To Swallow A Big Pee In A New Video


Abena Serwaa Frimpong Manso is a Ghanaian actress, model and semi-nudist, who is popularly known in the entertainment circle as Shugatiti. Since her appearance on social media last year, the proud semi nudist has grown her fan base through her explicit videos and pictures on social media.

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The semi-nudist cum actress who pays no attention to her modesty has posted a video of herself on Instagram in a white bikini framed to be in a hot sexual knowledge with another man. The young actress who finds fun in doing all sort of seductive videos on social media comes again with this video as she narrates how she was forced to engage in something that she wasn’t ready for.

So I told him I wouldn’t do it but he forced me and even made me swallow it hmmmm .” she said in her post. In the video, Shugatiti was found bend as she licks something which was disguised. Later in the video, the socialite brakes silence as she shows a bottle in her hand as she sucks the bottle.

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The post as monitored by is shown below;


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