Cross-Dressing Comedian ‘Shaniqwa’ and His Wife Hint at Family Reality TV Show

Kenyan comedian 'Shaniqwa' popularly known for his cross-dressing stunts is planning on going mainstream - with his family.


Kenyan comedian ‘Shaniqwa’ popularly known for his cross-dressing stunts is planning on going mainstream – with his family.

From Left, Shaniqwa, their son Khangi and wife Mkale Msungu

Shaniqwa who now goes by Karishizzo announced together with his wife that a Family reality TV show is brewing.

The comedian who was a big hit playing Shaniqwa took a break from TV last year; a much needed break after his wife Mkale Msungu gave birth to their son.

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Speaking on their YouTube channel, Karishizzo and his wife shared that they would like to connect with the people in a ‘real’ reality TV show.

By ‘real’ I mean a show that does not portray them as this stinking rich family with a lavish lifestyle.

Mkale Msungu actually mentioned that they lead a simple life and even use motorbikes aka nduthis to go around.

They plan on showing their real life story and not a ”lavish version’ like so many other shows.

At the moment, Kenya’s Reality TV scene consists of Bahati Reality Show and Nairobi Diaries.

Bahati Reality is the family reality show featuring gospel artist Bahati, his wife Diana Marua and their adorable kids.

Nairobi Diaries which has been there for a while now features the fancy socialites of Kenya, their controversies and much more.

Both shows are however centered around a lavish lifestyle. Karishizzo and his wife want to shake things up with something more realistic and fans are all for it.

From the announcement video on YouTube, it seems like Mkale Msungu wants the show more than her husband.

They therefore asked people to comment and vote on whether the two should go forth with the show or just stick to YouTube.

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