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Nollywood Actor Williams Uchemba Gifts New House To Poor Family Living In A Slum



Celebrated Nigerian actor Williams Uchemba has changed the sad situation of a poor Nigerian family after he gifted them a new house.

The actor took to his Instagram page to social media page to show off the family and their two daughters in their new home.

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The young actor revealed that he encountered the family on one of his philanthropic duties in a slum. He saw the family’s two young daughters studying dangerously under a mast.

He added he felt their tenacity to succeed and thus pledged to help shelter them and their parents in a new house after thirteen years in the slum under deplorable conditions.

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The family of four was always distraught whenever it rained. They were overjoyed by the actors display of benevolence. The actor added an undisclosed amount of money for the family’s upkeep.