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Barber Arrested For Beating 4 Year Old Son To Coma



Nigerian police has arrested a barber whose incessant flogging of his own four-year-old son left him in a coma with several body injuries.

Tunde Alabi a barber who operates in Lagos was reported to have beaten his son, Ezekiel mercilessly, because the young child excreted on himself.

The suspect was said to have been divorced from Ezekiel’s mother who left the marriage with his child after numerous domestic violent cases.

Ezekiel was later returned to his father who had by then remarried to his current wife. A woman living next house to the couple narrated how the child was beaten and maltreated by his father and stepmother.

“Tunde married another wife and the woman always beat Ezekiel at every little provocation. Nobody in the neighbourhood could stop Tunde from beating the boy because of his unruly behaviour.” the neighbor said

Checks at the hospital revealed the boy has recovered from the coma and is now in the custody of the child welfare office. The police also confirmed the man would be arraigned before a court for prosecution.