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VIDEO: KSM Slams The Bible As A Book With Too Many Contradictions



Award-winning Ghanaian comedian and television personality, Kwaku Sintim-Misa popularly known by his initials KSM has taken a swipe at the bible for containing too many contradiction.

Speaking in an interview with, and monitored by, the veteran comedian chastised the authors of the Christian holy book for ascribing human features to an almighty God instead of treating him in high divinity.

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He also enumerated several contradictions he claims to have observed in the bible which renders the book incompatible with modern reasoning.

He drew his analysis from the stories of Abraham and King Saul in which the bible claimed God tested Abraham’s loyalty while showing remorse for making Saul, the king of the Israelites.

In the bible, you’ll find God angry. He said I have regretted that I made Saul King. God is not human. God doesn’t have the attributes of a human being to be angry”.

He will be definitely vilified y the Christian community who will see his pronunciations as blasphemous and an attack on their religion which boasts of almost 75% of Ghana’s 30 million people.