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Apostle Johnson Suleman Slams Kano State Authority For Sentencing A Musician To Death For Blasphemy



Famous Nigerian pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman has descended on the authority of Kano State after it was revealed that, they had sentenced a musician, Sheriff Yahaya Aminu to death for blasphemy.

Sheriff is allegedly accused of recording a song in which he praised a certain imam and elevated him above prophet Muhammed – the prophet of Islam. The Islamic society in Kano found him guilty of blasphemy and has therefore condemned him to death in accordance with Sharia Law.

This news was received with shock by all rational thinking human beings including liberal muslims. The only people who got excited about the news was the fundamentalists of the Islamic religion.

Apostle Suleman took to twitter to slam the authority for the inhumane act they’re about to undertake. The man of God was shocked at the level of injustice going on in the country.

He wondered how a country that has forgiven terrorists and has reintegrated them into the society finds it morally good to kill an innocent person for blasphemy. He added that even Saudi Arabia where Islam originated from would be shocked at the level of deception in Nigeria.

His tweet reads: “A country that pardons terrorists wants to kill a man for blasphemy..I am sure even Saudi Arabia is shocked..the worst form of deception is self deceit…”