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Flexer Gh Blasts Akufo-Addo In New Hit ‘You Get Light’ (Dumsor)



Ghanaian dancehall star Flexer Gh has taken the sitting NPP government to task over the return of the power crisis (dumsor) in the country.

Flexer has released a hit song titled ‘You Get Light’ (Dumsor) to highlight the return of dumsor.

Ghanaians have been hit with the return of the intemittent power supply (dumsor) in recent weeks. The practice has been going on since the beginning of the year and ECG and GRIDco recently released a time table on it.

That makes it official – dumsor is back!

This is after the current government made so much noise about dumsor during the previous administration. They promised to fix it only to sit down and revisit that hell on Ghanaians once again.

That pushed the dancehall star, Flexer, also known as the Demon of God, to take on the government over their incompetence.

He’s released the ‘You Get Light’ single to raise awareness of the menace and tackle the government’s inability to solve the crisis.

The single is produced by PKen.

Take a listen below…

Flexer Gh – You Get Light (Dumsor) – [Download]

The song has already sparked a craze on social media as netizens dance to the song in the ‘You Get Light’ challenge.

Already, Ashly Armah, the funny artist who draws caricatures of celebrities, has joined the craze.

We’re all suffering so why not destress a bit by dancing to a song making fun of ‘dumsor’?