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Ashamed Bloggers Apologize for Publishing Fake ‘Beef’ Between Akothee and Tanasha Donna

After being bashed by Akothee on her social media, bloggers from SDE Kenya have financially published a public apology for their slanderous article.



Akothee recently called out bloggers from SDE Kenya for writing an article about her that she deemed ‘pure rubbish’.

The article pitied Akothee and Diamond’s girlfriend Tanasha Donna. It accused Akothee of attacking Tanasha for editing her pictures to look skinny.

After being bashed by Akothee on her social media, the bloggers have financially published a public apology for the slanderous article.

“In the Nairobian issue of 10th – 16th January 2020, we published a story on page 27 titled ‘Akothee attacks Tanasha for editing picture to look skinny.

In the story we reported that Akothee had responded to a post by Tanasha and dissed her for the Photoshop mishap.

We have since established that Akothee did not make any such response and unreservedly express our apology.

We regret the misrepresentation and impression created by the article,” read the apology letter written.

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Akothee simply reposted the apology on her timeline to show fans the apology. She however also joked about what people might write in her absence.

“Hey my fans. I will be off social media a bit. I am busy enrolling orphans in schools.

Please watch out for blogs! They might even write Rest in peace Akothee,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

Bloggers have officially learnt from seeing the shame that will befall them for writing false stories on celebrities.