Shameless Comedian Oga Obinna Makes Fun of Short Stature Actress Tausi, Gets Bashed Online

In a recently deleted post, Kenyan comedian Oga Obinna shamelessly made fun of short stature actress Tausi Mdegela.


In a recently deleted post, Kenyan comedian Oga Obinna shamelessly made fun of short stature actress Tausi Mdegela.

In what he assumed was a funny post, he shared a picture of a pregnant Tausi. He captioned it ”Boy child has no limits chisos!! Who did this?”

Immediately after the post went up, several angered people online bashed him for such an atrocious comment.

“WTF bro, this is so wrong…nothing funny man,” read one comment from user @KitaleIshome.

Fancy Chepkorir wrote “This is so wrong, how could you post such, she is a woman and deserves to have a family so shame on you.”

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Another comment read “Well I am your fan but this is inappropriate and uncalled for…is she not a human being? She is disabled not unable.”

An angry user by the name Calvin wrote “RUBBISH!! This is stupidity. You should be ashamed of yourself if you don’t pull this post down.”

“Shame on you! Does it mean that being disabled, you don’t deserve to be loved and have children of your own?

You are taking this comedy too far, you better pull down that post,” read yet another comment from an angry lady.

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Anita Sonia wrote “Tausi Mdegela is human just like any other person. She is blessed to have a baby and nothing is a joke here.

I wonder what people are laughing at here surely. Her husband Chris is proud of the baby as well.”

Mitchelle Waiyaki wrote “Does she not have the right to b pregnant and have a baby…I find this post shameful.”

After several comments bashing the comedian, he finally took down the post. He has however not made an apology for his sheer stupidity.

Tausi and her husband Chris welcomed their baby in January this year and are still keeping the bundle of joy to themselves; away from this harsh world of social media.

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