Posting Your Food And Clothes On Social Media Shows Your Capacity Is Low- Pastor Mensa Otabil


The leader and founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Dr. Mensa Otabil has said in a video ( Watch the VIDEO HERE) that people who post their food, clothes and selfies while sitting in airplanes on social media are easily impressed and satisfied with themselves.

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Preaching on the topic of ‘Hunger for Excellence’ last Sunday at the ICGC Christ Temple located in Accra, the man of God admonished Christians to yearn to achieve greater feats rather than being satisfied with petty things in life.

Dr. Otabil cited the activities of some people on social media as an analogy to how easily impressed and satisfied they are with themselves. He said: “There are some of you who eat food and you put it on Facebook. And then they go ‘good living’.”

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Asserting that people who post their food on Facebook think they have achieved something but rather it shows they have low capacity.

“[You post your food] on your Facebook [and] you think you’ve achieved something. Because your ancestors were very hungry people so you ate a little chicken and you think it’s nice. You are showing that your capacity is low”, he stated.

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The man of God further stated similar examples where some people buy shoes and put it on Facebook. Adding that “you buy new dress, you WhatsApp everybody- [saying] hey look at me. What’s wrong with your head?”, he quizzed.

According to Pastor Otabil, such people have no idea the extent of what they can achieve. He said: “You’re so impressed with yourself. You don’t even know how far you need to go. Little things like food and clothes [impress you].”

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Pastor Otabil intimated, moreover, that the funny ones are those who sit in an airplane and [take] selfie [of] themselves and put it on Facebook. “You sit in an airplane? Do you know when airplanes were invented? Huh?- in 1903”, he said.

Ending his statement, Pastor Otabil said: “You have now sat in one- you’re not even sitting in first class, you’re sitting in economy. [Taking] selfie- hey look at me; your head needs help. No wonder we are easily satisfied, no wonder we do very little and we settle.


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  1. Seriously?? This is a topic for him to discuss? We are familiar with the narcissist behavior of people on social media, but in God’s name does he mean by “low”? I’m just finding this so comical. Unless the writer has presented the report totally out of context.

  2. Dr Mensa Otabi have spoken my mind.Apart from that somewhere in the bible,it say,in the END-TIME the Satan will gather the imfomation of the whole world,ie,www which is world wide web.You know spider uses it’s web to catch it’s pretty,that is actually how the devil, through his human agents,using www(web) to manipulate peoples destiny,diverting attentions from God.