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Man Stabs Brother To Death Over Bottle Of Coke



A family has been thrown into a state of mourning after their son, Chisom Eze, allegedly killed his elder brother only identified as Henry.

The unfortunate incident happened at their residence at Alaba a town in Lagos State in south-western Nigeria.

Family sources have it that, the junior sibling had bought a bottle of coke and put it in the fridge. He subsequently went out.

Upon arrival, he found out his elder brother had drunk his bottle of coke and flared up immediately.

A fight ensued and Chisom Eze stabbed his brother on the neck with a sharp knife in the presence of their elder sister who rushed out to call for help.

The victim bled profusely and died before he could be taken to the hospital for medical attention.

Angry eyewitnesses tied up Chisom to prevent his absondence. The police were latee called in to arrest him.