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Neat FM Apologises To Yvonne Nelson As She Sues Mona Gucci For Defamatory Remarks



Mona Gucci accused Yvonne Nelson of being a slay queen

Accra-based Neat FM has rendered an unqualified apology to renowned Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson over defamatory comments made on its platform by Mona Gucci, a self-declared queen of Ghanaian slay queens.

The actress-cum-producer had served notice to the radio station to retract the comments Mona Gucci made in an interview with Ola Michael on Neat Fm some few weeks ago.

Mona Gucci gave a tall list of female showbiz celebrities who she alleged to be slay queens. Yvonne Nelson’s name was conspicuously mentioned generating a storm on social media platforms.

She further alleged that Yvonne Nelson frequents Nigeria to warm the beds of rich men and then subsequently demand favours from them to sponsor her movies.

The actress took offence by the unsubstantiated allegations and wrote to the station through her lawyers to do the needful retraction or meet her in court for a defamation suit

The station has therefore done the honorable thing by apologizing and publishing on its platform the apology to the satisfaction of yhe actress.

Mona Gucci however refused to render an apology much to the chagrin of Yvonne Nelson thereby pushing the latter to pursue her suit in court.

Yvonne Nelson also fired a caution to media houses who would never project her good works but give their space for people to denegrate her.

She added that there she will not give room for the offending media outlet to render an apology but the matter will be settled in court.

Yvonne Nelson lawyers sent a letter demanding retraction of the defaming allegation