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Nigerians Banned From Applying For Jobs In Dubai After Hushpuppi’s Arrest



It seems the arrest and subsequent extradition of Nigerian internet fraud kingpin, Hushpuppi to the United States would have a ripple effect on his fellow countrymen across the globe.

A recent job listing on a Dubai-based ccompany’s website sternly warned Nigerians to stay off from eligible applicants, as the company samples qualified Africans to give the advertised job to.

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Though a reason has not been given, it is highly understood that the recent arrest of a number of Nigerians by the Dubai police on fraud charges is the reason for such blatant discrimination.

There is a huge number of Nigerians domiciled in the United Arab Emirates. These people through no fault of theirs would be in serious hardship if their host country decides to discriminate against them because of one crime, their compatriot committed.

The job listing banned Nigerians from applying