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Malawian President Orders Citizens To Pray Away Coronavirus



Malawian newly elected president, Lazarus Chakwera has made a clarion call on his citizens to pray away the coronavirus as the south-eastern African country records a consistent surge in confirmed cases.

The president in an address urged all religiously inclined citizens and residents of Malawi to fast and pray for three days starting Thursday.

The president also declared this coming Sunday a national day of thanksgiving to show appreciation for its low recorded cases as compared to nearby South Africa which has the highest cases on the continent.

Lazarus Chakwera is a former pastor who served as the head of the Malawian branch of the Assemblies of God Church for almost two and a half decades.

He beat the then incumbent president Peter Mutharika in last month’s election rerun without having any prior political experience.

Malawi has so far recorded almost 2,500 coronavirus cases with the death toll pegged at 40, one of the lowest on the African continent.