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Coronavirus: Global Cases Surpasses 20 Million



The total number of confirmed cases in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has surpassed the 20 million tally.

The current death toll is pegged at 734,020 with the number of recoveries almost 13 million. This leaves almost 6.4 million active cases across the globe.

Scientists across the globe are racing against time to find a vaccine which could cure the disease as economies continue to reel under pressure due to the fallout from the disease.

The United States remains the world’s most affected country with approximately a quarter of both global cases of infections and deaths.

It is followed by Brazil with more than 3 million cases and India with over 2 million. Russia places fourth with its figure hovering around 880,000.

South Africa takes the fifth position with almost 560,000 confirmed cases. This is more than half of the total number recorded on the African continent.