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Updated Story: Modeling Agency Suspected to be Sex Trafficking Ring Shuts Down After Being Exposed

A suspicious modeling agency in Kenya going by WeusiWarembo (black beauties) was recently put on the spotlight for being a sex trafficking ring.



A suspicious modeling agency in Kenya going by WeusiWarembo (black beauties) was recently put on the spotlight. The agency was accused of being a fake and recruiting girls for a sex trafficking ring.


As of today, more information has been uncovered proving that indeed, the agency was a fake. Thanks to a deep dive by Kenya’s YouTube police Edgar Obare, the truth is out. Here is the full video of the expose;

According to reputable sources, the fake agency on top of not having a website, lacks an office as well. Whenever they call ladies for interviews, they hold the meetings at a restaurant called The Lab along Ngong road Nairobi.

During the interview process, they ask questions regarding the ladies’ sex lives. Prior to the interviews, they send questionnaires for the ladies to fill with puzzling questions.

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Some of the questions include; Do you fall in love easily? Are you a complainer? Do you have a bad temper? What would you do if you got pregnant because you didn’t use contraception?

When they were approached by a social media influencer pretending to be interested in the job, they refused to work with her. They claimed that they only want fresh faces but in truth, they do not want the public exposure from someone with a large following.

One of the ladies who helped expose WeusiWarembo emailed Fendi to ask if they have any affiliations with the fake company. Fendi management team replied with an email denying any sort of relationship with WeusiWarembo.

Since the expose video went up, Weusiwarembo have shut down their operation…indefinitely. They have changed the name of their Instagram page and have zero posts as of now. As we head into 2020 I cannot stress this enough; Ladies beware, there are dangerous phonies out there!