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Prince David Osei Shamelessly Flirts With Fella Makafui Amidst Her Breakup With Medikal- Screenshot



Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei has no shame at all. In the wake of Fella Makafui’s depressed state since it became known that her love affair with rapper Medikal was over, Mr. broke ass actor has taken advantage to flirt with Fella.

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Since rumors of their break up started going round on social media and until it became official, Fella Makafui had been posting cryptic messages on Instagram.

In one of such instances, she posted a picture of boy lying down in bed looking at the screen of his phone in a very pensive mood. The picture was not even accompanied by a caption.

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However, her followers and fans read in between the lines and assumed that perhaps the picture was meant to depict her mood at the time. They therefore made commentaries in that regard.

One particular comment caught our attention amidst all the commentaries that were made on the post. And this comment was by Prince David Osei.

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David Osei didn’t think of any better thing to say other than invite Fella Makafui to ‘come to daddy’. Who doesn’t know that the phrase is often used by men to tease and excite younger girls who are neither their daughters nor relatives?

Aside the inappropriateness of his comment, David Osei should have at least showed some empathy for Fella Makafui who might be going through some difficult times right now.

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Check out the screenshot of his comment to Fella Makafui asking her to come to ‘daddy’ below: